Where Is Timber Used In Construction: From Beams to Boards

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Timber has been a fundamental building material for centuries, and its uses in construction continue to evolve with advancements in engineering and sustainable practices. 

This natural resource offers a unique combination of strength, durability, and environmental benefits, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of applications in the construction industry. 

From towering skyscrapers to cosy residential homes, timber finds its place in various forms, contributing to the structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability of modern buildings.

Structural Elements

Beams and Columns

Timber’s excellent strength-to-weight ratio makes it an ideal choice for structural components like beams and columns. Engineered timber products, such as glulam (glued laminated timber) and LVL (laminated veneer lumber), offer enhanced strength and stability, allowing for the construction of large and efficient structures. These components are commonly used in commercial buildings, bridges, and residential constructions.

Trusses and Framing

Timber is extensively used in the creation of trusses and framing systems. Its flexibility allows for the design of complex and efficient roof structures, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. Timber framing is popular in residential construction, offering a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to steel or concrete.

Exterior and Interior Applications

Cladding and Siding

Timber cladding adds a natural and timeless aesthetic to buildings. It serves both decorative and protective purposes, providing insulation and weather resistance. Timber siding is commonly used in residential and commercial projects, enhancing the visual appeal of structures while offering durability and insulation.


Timber is frequently employed in roofing applications, providing support for roofing materials and contributing to the overall structural integrity of the building. Traditional timber roof structures, such as timber trusses and rafters, are popular in various architectural styles.

Flooring and Decking

Hardwood and engineered timber flooring are popular choices for both residential and commercial spaces. Timber decking is widely used for outdoor spaces, creating inviting and durable surfaces. Timber’s warmth and natural beauty make it a sought-after material for interior design.

Sustainable Practices

Renewable Resource

Timber is a renewable resource, provided it is sourced responsibly. Sustainable forestry practices, such as reforestation and responsible harvesting, ensure the long-term availability of timber as a construction material.

Carbon Sequestration

Timber has the unique ability to sequester carbon throughout its lifespan. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice, helping to mitigate the carbon footprint associated with construction materials.

What types of timber are used in construction?

Various types of timber are used in construction, each with its own set of characteristics that make it suitable for different applications. Here are some common types of timber used in construction:

  1. Softwoods:
    • Pine: Pine is widely used in construction due to its affordability and availability. It’s often used for framing, sheathing, and structural components.
    • Spruce: Similar to pine, spruce is used for structural framing and other construction purposes. It is known for its strength and light colour.
  2. Hardwoods:
    • Oak: Oak is a durable and strong hardwood that is often used for flooring, furniture, and decorative elements in construction.
    • Mahogany: Mahogany is valued for its beauty and durability. It’s commonly used for high-end furniture, doors, and decorative finishes.
    • Maple: Maple is a hard and dense wood used for flooring, cabinets, and furniture.
  3. Engineered Wood Products:
    • Plywood: Plywood is made by layering thin sheets of wood veneer, glued together with the grain of each layer perpendicular to the adjacent layer. It is commonly used for sheathing, subflooring, and roofing.
    • Oriented Strand Board (OSB): OSB is made from compressed and glued strands of wood. It is used for sheathing, subflooring, and other structural applications.
    • Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber): Glulam is created by bonding together laminates of timber using adhesives. It is often used for beams and columns.
  4. Tropical Hardwoods:
    • Teak: Teak is known for its natural resistance to decay and insects. It’s commonly used in outdoor construction, such as decking and boat building.
    • Ipe: Ipe is a dense hardwood used for decking and outdoor structures. It is prized for its durability and resistance to decay.
  5. Cedar:
    • Western Red Cedar: This type of cedar is known for its natural resistance to decay and insects. It is commonly used for outdoor applications such as siding, decking, and fencing.
  6. Redwood:
    • California Redwood: Redwood is valued for its natural resistance to decay and insects. It’s often used for outdoor applications like decking, siding, and fencing.

When selecting timber for construction, factors such as strength, durability, resistance to decay and insects, and cost should be considered. 

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