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Timber doors have remained popular for years due to their timeless style, elegance, and versatility in various interiors. Despite being slightly pricier than alternatives, they are a worthwhile investment. It’s crucial to note that a door is incomplete without a frame.

Whether in new constructions or furnished homes, door frames are essential in every doorway. Choosing the right door frame size is crucial, and this article provides insights for those looking to install or replace timber door frames.

What Is a Door Frame?

The door frame, fixed within the building wall opening, is crucial as it serves as the hinge point for the door leaf. When chosen thoughtfully, it functions seamlessly for years and enhances the aesthetics of timber doors.

Despite being often overlooked, door frames are essential complements to door leaves. A properly selected door frame ensures timber doors’ reliable and smooth operation, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Wooden Door Frame Sizes

Timber door frames come in varying sizes, depending on the chosen variant: fixed or adjustable.

A fixed frame is ideal for standard wall thicknesses, but it lacks adjustability and may require additional decorative elements to maintain room aesthetics. Installation demands precise alignment, typically before interior finishing, making it cost-effective.

For frameless frames, there’s an adjustment range of 15 mm beyond the masonry thickness. For knotty frames, this adjustment range extends to 20 mm beyond the thickness of the masonry.

On the other hand, an adjustable frame suits atypical wall thicknesses and uneven walls, offering flexibility in dimensions. It is installed post-construction, without additional masking strips, ensuring an aesthetic effect. Available in various colours, it accommodates old and new constructions and can compensate for wall curves. However, it may not be suitable for doorways directly against a wall or small interiors due to installation restrictions.

Don’t Forget to Measure Precisely

Before heading to the store to purchase a new timber door frame, it’s essential to obtain precise measurements of the door opening. Measure the height, width, and thickness of the walls, and also check the diagonals to ensure they are of equal length.

How to Pick Your Door’s Frame

Selecting a door frame involves challenges in determining not only the size but also the material and colour of the timber frame. The ideal solution is to opt for a frame crafted from the same material and coloured similarly to the door leaf. This ensures an aesthetically pleasing effect, preserving the stylish appearance of interiors post-installation. The simplest option lies in fixed models, known for being economical, easy to install, and suitable for flats or houses.

On the other hand, adjustable frames are recommended, particularly for rooms with unconventional dimensions, effectively accommodating even thick walls. It’s crucial to note the distinction in installation dimensions between fixed and adjustable door frames. For instance, fixed frames like a door size 80 require an opening at least 11.5 cm wider, while adjustable frames necessitate adding approximately 8 cm to the leaf dimension, including the height.

When constructing a house or renovating a flat, the size of a timber door emerges as a vital parameter. Ensuring the right width and height of the timber door is crucial for comfortable use of the living space.

Timber Entrance Door Sizes

In flats, the typical size for timber entrance doors is a minimum of 90 by 200 centimetres. Enlarging the door’s width and height is only feasible if the door opening exceeds standard dimensions. External doors, for both height and width, are significant factors in houses.

For houses, external doors commonly have a height of 200 centimetres and a width of 90 centimetres.

Internal Timber Door Sizes

Internal doors should be appropriately sized to suit the characteristics of the room. The standard height for internal doors is typically set at a minimum of 200 cm. Door widths commonly range between 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, and 90 cm, representing popular and universally applicable sizes.


Do solid wood doors increase home value?

Solid wood doors can potentially increase home value as they are often perceived as high-quality and durable, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of a property. Homebuyers often appreciate the classic and timeless look of solid wood doors, which can contribute positively to a home’s market value.

Do front doors and shutters have to match?

While there’s no strict rule that front doors and shutters must match, a coordinated colour scheme or complementary design can enhance curb appeal. Consistent design elements create a cohesive look, but it’s not a requirement—individual preferences and architectural styles also play a significant role in determining the overall aesthetic of a home.

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