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Are you looking for a solution for your sash windows, whether it’s repair or painting? We take great pride in offering top-notch sash window refurbishment services, leaving your windows with a seamless appearance and smooth operation. Maintaining and repairing sash windows is vital; therefore, that’s why we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

When you select our sash window repair services, you'll be confident and worry-free. We provide a guarantee of 5, 15, or 20 years, depending on your choice backing up the quality of our work. This ensures your recently restored sash windows will continue to be in exceptional condition for many years.

So, don’t compromise when it comes to your sash window refurbishment needs. Rely on our expertise and commitment to delivering flawless outcomes.

Sash Window Refurbishment

It is essential to consider refurbishing your original sash windows suppose your period property features them. This process involves different repair services, including draught-proofing and retrofitting double-glazed units.

In order to maintain the timber frames in good condition, traditional sash windows require special care and regular maintenance. Failure to provide proper installation and upkeep with its lifespan is greatly reduced due to exposure to the elements.

So, to identify the most affordable solution, let’s explore the various options available for sash casement refurbishment.

Decorating Routine: Quick Fixes And A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Over the years, homeowners have turned to painters and decorators for their timber window painting and repair needs. However, the expectations and standards for such services have historically been lacking.

Interestingly, it has become common practice to have timber windows repaired every three years to maintain their optimal appearance. However, as the accompanying photos showcase, hidden issues like rot can still persist beneath the new coat of paint.

How Much Does It Cost A Decorator To Paint The Windows?

The cost of painting a single-size window falls between £250 and £350. However, this price does not include any necessary repairs. If minor repairs are needed, the cost for repairs and exterior painting can range between £350 to £450.

Many homeowners are attracted to the low prices offered by decorators who also provide window repair services.

Low-priced window repairs often rely on temporary solutions like wood fillers. While these fillers may temporarily fix the issue, they typically last only 2 to 3 years before shrinking and cracking.

As a result, the window becomes susceptible to further damage. In the long run, investing in a permanent solution will likely be more cost-effective, ensuring the window’s durability and integrity.

Short Sash Window Maintenance Cycle

It is common for a standard three-bedroom house to have around 10 windows. Homeowners are expected to pay a maintenance cost of approximately £4000 to £5500 every three years.

However, this estimate does not include the additional time-consuming tasks that come with maintaining windows, such as:

  • Finding decorators
  • Collecting quotes
  • Scheduling work

Regrettably, this continues to be the reality for numerous households across the United Kingdom.

Old Sash Window Restoration: Local Joiners’ Method

Over the past few years, an influx of services has emerged to aid those searching for sash window repair in their vicinity. These services typically involve sash window restoration companies boasting a wealth of experience in windows. With their expertise, they renovate neglected wooden frames by replacing damaged areas with new pieces of wood that are securely fastened to the frames or sill.

In addition to removing rotting components, they use a state-of-the-art wood filler, DryFlex, that not only fixes the faults but leaves the repaired areas looking polished and remarkably improved. However, like most things, these repairs are not perfect. Over time, wood naturally shifts, causing the screws to move and DryFlex to shift. This results in damage to both paint and wood, especially when exposed to moisture.

As a result, these repairs are always visible, but some consider them to be embraced as part of the character of an old window; for those seeking sash window renovation, including servicing the pulley and cord.

The repair may range from £350 to £900 per window, with an added cost of £250 to £300 for painting. Thus, it is an investment for those who prioritize the longevity and aesthetic value of their windows.

Technique For Replacing Sash Windows

Suppose you want to take things up; there’s a more radical and effective solution. By opting for a complete sash window replacement, you’ll witness a transformative change making your windows look brand new!

Keep in mind that softwood sash windows come with an estimated cost (£1,800 per window), while hardwood windows will set you back at least £2,500.

The Only Downside?

Softwood sash windows tend to rot in just five years. As for hardwood windows, expect a maintenance cycle after roughly 8 to 10 years for the window’s recreation and decoration, as well as any repairs. When you consider the additional costs of window removal, disposing of the old material, and the rental of scaffolding and tools, it’s clear that speed is key if you’re looking to save money.

5 years later, softwood sash windows

5 years later, a new softwood sash window

Please note that for listed properties or those in a conservation area. Replacing windows may present additional challenges; therefore, ensure to investigate the necessary permits before starting the work.

Our Technique for Refurbishing Sash Windows

At Sash Window Refurbish, we specialize in wooden window innovation and repair using the highest quality materials. Our Accoya/Tricoya wood comes with a 20-year guarantee on all repairs, while our paintwork is guaranteed for five years. This ensures that you won’t need to redecorate your refurbished windows for 5-10 years.

In order to refurbish wooden windows to their original beauty without compromising their style, we use a combination of traditional sash window renovation and lamination techniques. This results in a smooth and clean finish, free from any patches. Therefore, ensuring that the windows remain in top condition for decades to come.

Our timber frame refurbishment starts at just £689, while the retrofitting service is available for £1679 for an average-sized window. Our lamination method allows us to transform your old soft or hardwood timber frame windows into the equivalent of Accoya timber. Hence, making them resistant to wood rot and protecting them for years to come.

With our services, you’re rest assured your windows will look just as they did when they were first installed, free from any messy or uneven paint, signs of repair, smooth surfaces and clean lines. Trust Sash Window Refurbish for all your wooden window needs.

Using Lamination To Protect Newly Restored Timber Windows

Our lamination technique ensures durable refurbishment for timber windows. This method protects windows from water, wind, and sun, keeping them looking new for longer.

We remove decayed and damaged timber, apply wood hardener, and laminate the bottom rail, meeting rail, and window sill with Tricoya wood.

Our lamination technique, backed by Tricoya wood's long-lasting guarantee, offers ultimate protection against harsh weather conditions. Tricoya wood itself boasts an impressive longevity of 30 years on the ground and over 50 years above ground, even without any protective covering.

We utilize lamination in various industries, such as:

  • Construction
  • Furniture production
  • Car manufacturing offering cost-effective timber protection

Our process combines engineering, carpentry, and decorating to create exceptional results. We design custom equipment and hand-craft tools for each project. Our window refurbishment techniques are tailored to meet individual needs while adhering to strict quality and safety guidelines.

Sash Window Services

Four steps to repair and upgrade.

Instead of using traditional putty, we offer the replacement and repair of missing putty using epoxy sealants. These sealants are flexible and provide excellent protection against moisture in both glass and timber. They surpass traditional putty beading in their ability to secure the glass and safeguard the woodwork.

Epoxy sealants are the most optimal solution for holding glass securely and preserving woodwork. Even better, they maintain the traditional look of windows with the added benefit of being painted over and still looking like putty. With this alternative solution, you can ensure superior protection for your windows.

Listed Sash Windows Repair

Our innovative methodology for renovating historic sash and casement windows is specifically designed to be suitable for Grade 2 listed buildings and those located in conservation areas. We have obtained the approval of conservation officers who periodically oversee our projects.

The renovation of sash windows does not require any additional permission, as it focuses on preserving and protecting the original features of historic properties. We handle all aspects of the renovation process, such as:

At Sash Window Refurbish, we are a full-service company specializing in the preservation and improvement of historic wooden windows. Our range of services ensures both the preservation of the windows’ historical value and improved thermal efficiency for your building.

Double Glazing Original Sash Windows

Old wooden sash & casement windows present unique challenges when it comes to double glazing. The narrow rebates where the glass pane fits make it impossible to install standard double glazing. Additionally, the frames may not be strong enough to carry the extra weight. This is because double glazing was originally built for single glass panes.

In order to overcome these challenges, we have a solution. We operate with Fineo glasses, which are slim and high-performance glass units that are only 7mm thick. Despite their slim profile, they perform just as well as standard-size triple-glazing units.

For older windows with narrow rebates, we offer a customized solution. We widen the rebates to fit a slim metal frame. This allows the window to support the additional weight of the glass units without causing cracks or damage to the joints.

These alterations are carefully done by our experienced team, therefore, ensuring they are inconspicuous and do not alter the appearance of the historic windows.

In addition, our team takes care of other necessary adjustments to ensure the windows work safely and smoothly. This includes adding weights, changing ropes, and replacing locks as needed.

With our expertise and specialized solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of double glazing while preserving the integrity and aesthetic of your old wooden sash and casement windows.

Double Glazing Vacuum Sealed

Fineo Glass is a new, highly popular vacuum double-glazing product that has been on the market for less than a year. It boasts a slim profile and excellent thermal efficiency exceeding a standard-size triple-glazing unit. Manufactured in Europe by AGC jointly with Panasonic, Fineo offers a market-leading 15-year guarantee.

Fineo glass differs from most slim double-glazing systems, which only offer a 5-year guarantee due to inert gasses escaping over time. Thus, leading to decreased thermal efficiency. Fineo’s unique design, however, prevents this issue and maintains long-lasting thermal efficiency.

With a depth of only 7mm, Fineo glass is ideal for historic wooden windows with narrow rebates. However, homeowners should ensure that their existing frames can hold the weight of the new glass unit. If additional support is necessary, a sash window renovation specialist can provide custom solutions.

For homeowners who live in high-risk areas, reinforced slim double glazing is a great option. It offers significant security benefits without sacrificing the historic look of the house or impacting thermal efficiency.

Listed Windows Double Glazing Retrofitting

Double glazing retrofitting for grade 2 listed buildings.

In order to install slim double glazing on historic wooden windows, it is crucial to make certain adjustments. The most important adjustments include widening the rebates and reinforcing the frames.

These adjustments are carried out inconspicuously in order to comply with recent regulations. By making these adjustments, it becomes possible to innovate the windows of historic buildings. This ensures they are double-glazed and protected for many decades to come.

Sash Window Draught Proofing

We offer draught-proofing as part of our sash windows repair and double-glazing projects. It’s a highly effective way of saving energy and money on all properties.

Contained ventilation lessens condensation and dampness by allowing fresh air in the time of need. Implementing comprehensive draught-proofing can potentially save you up to 10% on electricity bills.

In order to attain the highest energy savings and reduce heat loss, combining draught-proofing with double glazing is ideal and more cost-effective. This combination also saves on the overall cost of the work.

If double glazing isn’t feasible or suppose you want to improve energy efficiency, further draught-proofing is the best solution to keep your home warm.

Spray Painting Sash Windows

After all, surfaces have been properly protected and prepared for painting; the painters apply their coats. Each coat consists of about 28 brushstrokes when applied by hand.

The paint is thick and even, as it is applied to a flexible surface that allows for wood movement. The paint itself and the thickness of the coat protect the woodwork from natural damage.

Paint sprayed on windows with a paint sprayer dries quickly and can be shot the same day. This eliminates the inconvenience of tipping all doors and windows open all night long.

Repair Sash Windows Counterbalance System

  • Sash Cords: We offer more durable and UV-stable everlasting sash cords as replacements for traditional wax cotton sash cords, with a longer lifespan and improved performance. Please note that a waxed sash cord is still available upon request if preferred.

  • Sash Chains vs Sash Cords: Sash chains are less common than sash cords, but they operate in a similar way. Instead of using a rope, sash chains use a bicycle-type chain. We offer replacements for both sash cords and chains for sliding sash windows. For the most cost-effective repair, we highly recommend our Draught Sealing & Sash Window Overhaul service. This comprehensive service not only replaces the sash cords or chains but also improves energy efficiency by adding a concealed draught seal. By choosing this service, you can ensure both the longevity and functionality of your windows.

  • Sash Window Spring Balance: Sliding sash windows since the 1950s have incorporated various spring balances. We specialize in replacing broken spring balances, ensuring that your sash windows with all types of spring balances are repaired effectively. Please note that fitting spring balances can be trickier than sash cords and may require the expertise of a professional to ensure proper installation.


How does the sash window refurbishment perimeter ceiling system improve comfort levels?

We often hear customers complain about draughts, rattling, heat loss, and lake formations around their windows. Our draught-proofing system is designed to address these issues by filling the gaps around the sashes while maintaining the smooth operation of the sashes.

How long will my window renovation take?

The time frame of the installation process will depend on factors such as the survey results and the identified work needed. Typically, we aim to complete one window per day. However, we can adjust the time frame to accommodate your specific requirements or our schedule.

Our average time scale targets for different stages of the installation process are as follows:

  • From the initial enquiry to the estimated timeframe: 5 to 10 days
  • From the estimate to placing the double order: 30 days
  • From the order placement to the double installation: 10 to 16 weeks

Can you fix the window condensation?

In order to combat condensation, the main approach is to ventilate your home by opening your windows periodically. Your home’s moisture is produced by sources such as heating and bodies, and it typically settles on cold surfaces like your windows. Although double-glazing units are somewhat less susceptible to condensation, your home will also be more insulated. This may result in a greater amount of moisture being retained indoors.

What is the average cost of renovating a window?

The extent of work required will determine the estimate. To obtain a more precise assessment, please contact us by email: or call 07565028004 to schedule a complimentary survey with no obligation.

How long does double glazing last in a house?

The length of time that double-glazed windows last can differ based on various factors, including the materials’ quality, installation procedure and ease of maintenance. Some high-quality double-glazing units can stay in excellent condition for over 35 years.

Usually, these windows endure between 10-20 years. Periodic maintenance, such as ensuring that the hardware is well-lubricated and gives it a thorough cleaning, can enhance the windows’ lifespan.

Are double-glazed windows worth it?

Double-glazed windows offer numerous benefits for homeowners. They greatly enhance energy efficiency by creating an insulating layer with two panes of glass, minimizing heat loss and reducing energy bills. Additionally, double glazing effectively reduces outside noise, thus, creating a quieter and more comfortable living space. This is particularly advantageous in busy or noisy environments.

Which type of wood do you employ?

We utilize Accoya and Tricoya wood in our projects involving the restoration of timber windows.

In Grade 2 listed structures, do you fix windows?

Indeed, we have extensive experience working with grade 2 listed buildings and properties in conservation areas. Our expertise extends to timber frame repairs. It’s worth noting that these repairs typically do not necessitate planning permission since they do not alter the appearance of the windows.

Can you open windows that are painted shut or stuck?

We can help resolve the issue of your stuck, painted-shut sash windows. This can be done as part of a larger window restoration project. The solution involves either removing the problematic paint during the restoration process or replacing sash cords, pulleys, and balancing weights, if necessary, to fully restore window functionality.

Can you replace the broken glass?

Yes! We address the issue by:

  • Removing the broken, cracked glass carefully.
  • Replace with a new plastic material that matches the texture and appearance of the original glass.

In London, do you provide sash window repairs?

We do not currently offer sash window repair services in London.


My technician Andrew replaced all my sash windows that had rotten sills. Accessing the rotten sills was not an easy task. He explained to me what needed to be done in order to fix the problem. He is a great person and I’m happy that he was the one who did the job. He is reliable, tidy, friendly and very professional. I highly recommend him.



I hired Andrew and Alex a while back to repair my damaged sash windows. They were was very considerate and very patient as he did his job. A few days ago, I had another problem with one of my sash lock keys and I called him again to come and fix the problem. I’m very impressed that Liam responded quickly and he not only fixed the problem but he also gave me a spare key. What a great after sales service!

Alan W.


I’m very impressed with the new windows that Andrew installed and also the reconditioning job that he did on other sash windows. The quality of his work is by far more superior than what we got when we hired another company a few years back. We will certainly hire him again if any window work arises

Kelly (Sleaford)


Our decorator referred us to Andrew because some of the work needed a window expert. Andrew together with our decorator did a fantastic job. The work was done efficiently and to the highest standards. Andrew is understanding, committed and very professional. I recommend him without any hesitation.

Steaven Reader


Alex did a great job in fixing windows in our terraced house. The windows were broken, frames damaged and the wood was also rotten. Alex's job was high quality and he did it pretty fast. I was also very impressed that he was considerate of my son’s asthma condition and maintained cleanliness. Top work.



Andrew just recently replaced three sash windows in my Edwardian house. He also repaired and replaced some sills and draught proofed three windows. In addition to that, he also did some carpentry work. What I like the most about Liam is that he did a clean job. He is very professional and always updated me about the timescales and costs. He also did his job with minimal disruptions. I highly recommend him.

Cris M.