Window Frame Parts, Diagram and Terminology

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Wood window diagram

Window Frame

The window frame serves as the structural support for the entire window. It consists of several key components, each with a specific function.


The sill is the bottom horizontal part of the frame, providing a base for the window. It prevents water from entering the interior and supports the entire structure.


The head is the top horizontal part of the frame, providing structural support to the upper portion of the window.


The jambs are the vertical sides of the frame, supporting the window and connecting the sill to the head.


The apron is a decorative moulding attached to the wall beneath the sill, enhancing the window’s aesthetic appeal.

Casing and Trim

Casing and trim add finishing touches to the window frame, concealing gaps and enhancing the overall appearance.

Window Glass

Beyond the frame, understanding the different components of the window glass is equally important.


The pane refers to a single sheet of glass within the window frame.


The sash is the movable part of the window that holds the glass pane. It can be opened or closed for ventilation.


Mullions are vertical or horizontal dividers between individual window units. They provide structural support and add aesthetic appeal.

Grilles or Muntins

Grilles or muntins are decorative elements that divide the window into smaller sections, enhancing its visual appeal.

Check Rail

The check rail is the horizontal bar in a double-hung window where the upper and lower sashes meet.

Ancillary Parts

Apart from the main components, there are additional parts that play essential roles in a window’s functionality.

Weep Hole

Weep holes are small openings at the bottom of the window frame that allow water to drain out, preventing water buildup.

Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping seals gaps around the window, preventing drafts and enhancing energy efficiency.


Balances are mechanisms that help in the smooth operation of sliding windows. They provide support and ensure easy movement.


Screens are protective layers made of mesh or other materials that keep insects out while allowing airflow.

Window Film

Window films are thin coatings applied to the glass surface to enhance privacy, reduce glare, and improve energy efficiency.

Unique Window Parts

Beyond the common window components, some windows have unique features catering to specific needs.

Insulated Glass Windows

Insulated glass windows are designed for energy efficiency, consisting of multiple panes with special features.


Argon is a gas-filled between the glass panes in insulated windows, enhancing insulation.


Spacers are materials placed between glass panes, maintaining the appropriate gap and preventing condensation.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have specific parts catering to their unique design.

Lock Handle

The lock handle is a mechanism used to secure casement windows, ensuring they are tightly shut.


The operator is a crank mechanism that allows the casement window to open and close smoothly.

Window Glass

Different types of glass are used for specific purposes, enhancing safety and energy efficiency.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass consists of multiple layers, providing strength and safety. It holds together when shattered, preventing sharp shards.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is heat-treated to enhance its strength. When broken, it shatters into small, blunt pieces, reducing the risk of injury.

Low-E Glass

Low-E (low emissivity) glass has a special coating that reflects heat while allowing light to pass through, improving energy efficiency.

Each component plays a crucial role in the window’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re considering traditional windows, insulated glass options, or specialized designs like casement windows, having a grasp of these terms empowers you to choose the right windows for your home.


What is wood around windows called?

The wood around windows is commonly referred to as window casing or window trim. It serves both functional and decorative purposes, enhancing the appearance of the window.

What is the seal around a window called?

The seal around a window is known as weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is used to create a barrier against drafts, moisture, and insects, ensuring energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

What is used to seal around window frames?

To seal around window frames, a variety of materials can be used, including caulk, silicone sealant, or foam sealant. These materials are applied to fill gaps and cracks, preventing air and water infiltration, and improving insulation.

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