Double Hung Window: Comparing To Others Styles

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Many people today like to use single-hung and double-hung home designs to create different home types. Both the similarities and contrasts between the two can impact property design.

Therefore, it is critical to understand their similarities and distinctions to make the best selections possible. The types of windows will be discussed in detail for deeper understanding and proper decision-making. Windows installation is also an essential factor to examine.

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Knowing How The Windows Operate

The single-hung windows contain an upper and lower fixed, movable sash that raises and lowers, allowing for the movement of the bottom half of the window while the higher portions remain.

Stationary – It is also called a single-sash window with a bottom sash that allows ventilation. In contrast, a double-hung or double-sash window has two belts that can move for raising and lowering.

The windows are double-hung because the top and bottom casements move up and down to increase ventilation. This kind of double-hung window has two functional parts. They are known as top and bottom sashes. Double-sided windows offer greater comfort because the top and bottom casements open to increase airflow in space. The results happen after heat rises, allowing warm air to move out, giving them an added advantage in two stationary homes.

Comparison of Casement and Double-Hung

A hinge system allows casement windows to be open. The hinges are comparable to those of doors. Both new construction and homes built in the middle to late 20th century often have them. Upper and lower sashes of double-hung windows can open by sliding casement.

Modern uPVC sash includes a particular tilt function that makes them open effortlessly for cleaning and maintenance. It’s crucial to consider one’s property type before deciding on the ideal window for a house.

The main reason is that casement windows are practical in modern structures, but double-hung windows are usually in older installations. However, double-hung windows are an alternative that uses in contemporary designs.

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Comparison And Similarities Between Single And Double Sash Windows

Single-hung window

Single-hung windows consist of fewer expenses than double-hung. Single-hung have fewer moving parts, which lowers the cost of their construction. The material used to construct the single-hung windows also affects their prices. Wood is also easy to maintain than Vinyl which is less expensive and hard to maintain.

Double-hung window

Both windows vary in form, consisting of wood, fibreglass, and Vinyl.

  • Those made from wood create a traditional aesthetic home.
  • Fibreglass is considerably strong, making windows durable for a very long time.
  • Vinyl windows, on the other side, have high quality and are primarily efficient for traditional homes.

Consider the following factors should when choosing single-hung and double-hung windows;

1. Window Upkeep And Cleaning

It is essential to clean windows regularly. The process of cleaning a single-hung window is relatively easy. The glass windows are sprayed with vinegar and water for cleaning and then wiped using a microfiber or dry towel. The window frames should be wiped, as well as the surroundings, with water.

Wood and vinyl single-hung windows enable cleaning of the exterior of the bottom sash because they have tilt latches that will allow the tilting of the bottom belt. The results help in cleaning the bottom strap while inside. Cleaning of the window happens from the outside. It is important to note that tilt functionality is unavailable on fibreglass-hung windows.

The advantage of all double-hung windows is that they have tilt functionality on both sashes making the entire window cleaning easy from the inside. A double-hung window is, therefore, easy to clean and maintain, which makes them more popular on the upper levels of homes.

2. Ventilation

The opening and closing of sashes determine the primary distinction between airflow for both windows. The opening and closing of belts determine the primary airflow difference between double and single-hung windows. The double-hung type allows a person to slide open the top strap, bottom sash, or both, creating good ventilation in a home.

The single-hung window on the other side only allows the bottom belt to slide for ventilation because the top sash remains fixed. By allowing air to move through the two straps, double-hung windows provide more airflow to a home. Airflow requirements in a home can vary depending on the surroundings.

3. Cost

Double-hung windows are more expensive because it is costly to construct compared to single-hung windows. In single-hung windows, fewer moving parts are involved making it less expensive. Wood is more costly than vinyl which provides low maintenance options.

Fibreglass price is in the middle, not much expensive and not cheap at the same time. Single-hung windows save on cost, whereas double-hung windows have several style options. It is essential to consider the material of the window for durability, which will also save on the cost.

4. Installation

The windows are installed and used in different ways. Both windows function in remodelling and replacement in residences. Before installation, consider sealing to safeguard the home from water and powerful winds. Shimming improves the weatherproofing of the house by creating the ideal seal between the weatherstrip and the frame.

5. Size

Size is crucial when comparing things. The majority of double-hung windows come in huge sizes. There are small and huge sizes of the two types of windows. The most miniature single-hung and double-hung doors are two feet wide by three feet wide. On the other hand, double-hung is available in large sizes of six feet wide and 12 feet tall.

Oversized windows create a natural light stream and airflow into a home. In case of cost consideration, the single-hung window should be chosen instead of a double-hung. The results will enhance the desired aesthetic and save on costs.

6. Energy Efficiency

Both windows offer energy efficiency in houses. The extra frame layer produces additional efficiency. The multi-chambered frames of vinyl and fibreglass windows aid in ventilation.

The results make a home warm in both winter and summer seasons. Double-hung and fibreglass windows have the advantage of optimal installation foam that keeps a home more comfortable. Wood single-hung and double-hung come with natural insulators, thus enhancing efficiency in a home.

Single-hung are more efficient since they have fewer moving parts, reducing air infiltration. The two products meet ENERGY STAR guidelines (1). Double-hung are also easy to use because it allows the opening of both sashes. They are also easy to wipe on both sides and offer more ventilation in a room.

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Home Designs with Single-and Double-Hung Doors

Single-hung are primarily in traditional houses. Double-hung windows are typical in homes with classic architecture.

Usage Of The Window Designs

The two types of windows are favourable for various designs. Before choosing the specific window style, it is essential to consider the ease of cleaning, closing, and opening the window.

Single-hung windows should be necessary in places that are hard to reach, like a kitchen over a sink. Single-hung can also be vital in areas of the house that only requires a little airflow, like a bedroom.

Double-hung windows are a significant opinion in rooms that require both top and bottom sashes. Double-hung windows are easy to clean and should, making them preferred in rooms where cleaning is difficult. Choosing the double-hung will enable easy cleaning from the inside because of the tilting advantage.

Double-hung windows are in various places, such as busy family rooms and bathrooms. Generally, single-hung windows are best in lower-floor rooms requiring proper ventilation by opening the windows. Double-hung windows on the other side are a good choice in upper-floor homes for appropriate ventilation.

Setting the tilt sash function for the Milgard double-hung window can be simple and requires little knowledge to undertake.

The following procedure shows the whole process:

  • The process starts by raising the smart touch lock, then sliding it to enable the window to open both the top and bottom sash.
  • You’ll find both tilt latches at the top of the bottom sash.
  • To remove the sash from the frame, push the latches inside to the middle of the strap and then pull it to your position.
  • The upper sash can only be operated by rotating the bottom strap to a situational position.
  • After that, the pull rail should allow downward and upward so that the bottom movement is six inches above the open bottom belt. The pull rail function is found in the upper sash.
  • The top strap is turned inward and finally positioned on top of the open lower sash.
  • Start turning the upper sash and then click back into the jamb track to enhance the straps to engage with the jamb.
  • Raise the topmost belt by pushing up until it stops open.
  • To enable locks to engage property, ensure the top strap placing is in the sash pocket.
  • Till two latches on the truck are engaged, keep spinning.

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Other Window Operating Methods To Take Into Account

Apart from the double-hung window style, it is also important to note that several window styles have different uses in a home. Casements, awnings, sliders, and picture windows are discussed in detail to enable good choices before making decisions while choosing a window operating style.

Casement Windows

Since the entire window has side hinges and opens outward, this window style is effective because it offers maximum airflow. This type of window resembles a picture window because it has no rails compared to double-hung and sliding windows.

Awning Windows

These windows have some similarities with the casement windows. The main difference is that awning windows have hinges on the top, not the side. This window type is minor, limiting them

from offering enough ventilation in a home. Awning windows open upward for ventilation but block rain and leaves on the other side.

Horizontal Sliders Windows

The sash of this window slides to the window’s left or right side to open. The strap of single-hung windows opens by sliding up and down, whereas the sash of double-hung windows opens by sliding up and down.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are essential in homes where owners need unobstructed views. They do not open; thus, they have a significant advantage in places with houses that require a natural light source. This window offers a clear and unobstructed view of the surroundings.


Before choosing the window type to install, it is essential to consider the purpose of the window, design, and budget. Other critical factors to consider are window maintenance requirements and ease of window cleaning.

However, the significant factors affecting window selection are ventilation and natural lighting in homes. Windows can improve the attractiveness of a house, and therefore a correct decision is necessary before making the final decision.

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