Georgian Windows: Everything You Need to Know

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Georgian windows are very common, and you will find them in many buildings throughout the country. You will see designs like Downing Street and modern homes embracing a traditional look. Georgian-style sash windows are common.

Maybe you have seen these windows for a long, but you don’t know what they are.

If you are unfamiliar with Georgian-style windows or don’t know why you should choose these windows, read on to understand more about them.

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Georgian-Style Windows

Are you wondering what these windows are? They are windows with two big sashes, each with six or more panes. The sashes are organized in a grid pattern whereby bars are crossed.

Big windows and rooms were preferred in Georgian times since they signified wealth. However, there was no way to make large glass windows covering the big spaces. Weak glasses were fitted into smaller panes with support bars to cover the big spaces. They help to form big and bright windows in a spacious room.

The architectural design used during the Georgian time to make the windows was symmetry and proportion. The same number of window panes were used on the top and bottom halves of the windows. Also, brickwork and arches were other elements used to create this design.

The benefits of Symmetry are one of the reasons people used these windows at this time.

Casement windows don’t maintain the symmetry design of the panes and bars when opened. However, sash windows keep a symmetrical appearance since they open vertically where one window moves behind the other.

Several prominent buildings around the country have this Georgian appearance all over London. Some examples of Georgian architecture include Buckingham Palace, the street of Bloomsbury, and Downing Street.

One striking thing about these windows is that they feature bars across the frame, while others are vertical, which gives several panes. These windows were very famous during this period because windows were costly until the end of the Georgian era.

At Evolution, we have two sizes of Georgian astragal bars; the 20mm Ovule bar and the 36mm cottage-style bar. The outside of the window has a putty finish bar, while the inside has an Ovule bar.

Storm Georgian Windows

Every feature of our Georgian window naturally resembles the traditional Georgian timber windows. They are made of advanced technology and quality modern window materials, innovatively used to create an exceptional window.

These windows take the form of cottage windows, and they are low-maintenance. These windows are energy efficient and look beautiful hence can be used for aesthetic purposes.

Being energy efficient, they, therefore, are the best windows for the British weather, which is harsh, and will help you cut on heating costs. It’s easy to upgrade these windows by installing acoustic glass.

Flush Georgian Windows

These lasting windows feature shiny window lines that fit flush into the frame. This is contrary to the Georgian windows that overlap in the frame. Flush windows are, therefore, beautiful and simple.

You will mostly find these windows in cottages and period homes. They are original windows embracing a traditional look and are maintenance-free. Their demand has increased, and they are also widely used in modern homes and properties because of their cleanness and sharp lines.

You can improve these windows to integrate triple glazing or contain acoustic glass. If you would love to retain timber-look flush but still want a modern look, go for the modern version of these windows.

Georgian Astragal Bars

The purpose of these bars is to decorate windows when they are fixed into the frame. They look like traditional Georgian windows.

Georgian bars can be placed between the two panes and on the surface of the exterior and exterior sides. They are very critical in Georgian windows since they are the ones that give them uniqueness.

Are Sash Windows Georgian?

Sash windows are confused with being Georgian inventions because they were very popular during the Georgian era. But it’s essential to know some sash windows are Georgian inventions while others are not.

Sash windows were common throughout Edward and Victoria eras, but they continued to be faced during the Victorian era as the need for a new look grew. People started to value the split look, which featured six smaller panels at the top and one at the bottom.

You can tell a Victoria-style sash window by looking at their typical one-over-one panel window.

Look at the classic six-over-six (or eight-over-eight) order for original Georgian sash windows.

Avoid those with horns for pure Georgian sash windows since they don’t represent the Georgian era sash.

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The Make of the Modern Georgian-Style Windows

Modern Georgian windows can stand on themselves without the need for bars since the glasses are strong. Traditional Georgian windows had their glass panes supported with bars which is not the case with modern ones.

But another main reason for using these bards during the Georgian period was for decorative reasons. Therefore, you can have two options for traditional Georgian bars and astragal bars.

Astragal bars

They are fitted into the surface of the windows to bring a splitting appearance. They bring a 3D outcome whereby you can see them from the inside and outside as well. Contrary to the traditional astragal bars, they are not permanently part of the glass. They are good for a natural look and can be fitted in properties and conservation areas windows.

Georgian Bars; What Are They?

Georgian bar windows are interjected between two glass panes in double-glazed windows. They are permanently secured in the glassing unit without breaking the surface. If you look at them from afar, they look like old Georgian windows, but they are very different once you come nearer.

These are the cheapest and can be mostly found in uPVC windows. They are easy to clean although not so quality. Astragal bars are better quality and offer a traditional look; hence, you can’t regret investing in them for Georgian homes.

How Many Panes of Glass Are in Georgian-Style Windows?

Several small glass panes characterize traditional Georgian windows. They are mostly twelve, six at the top and six at the bottom. You will also commonly find eight over eight.

Many modern Georgian windows feature just two panes, one at the top and another at the bottom. Glazing bars make the windows appear as if they are divided into two halves. This modern technique is applied to achieve energy efficiency and cheaper windows. The double glazed windows are the reason for energy thermal efficiency.

Materials used to make Georgian-Style Windows

Traditionally, Georgian windows were only made of wood, but currently, you can get wood, aluminium, and uPVC Georgian.

Wooden windows are natural, long-lasting, strong insulators, and good for any home. They are a great choice for conservation areas to show that originality.

Georgian Windows Colours

The popular colour during the Georgian period was white, which is why it’s the dominant colour even now, so if you want to look authentic, choose white.

But you can get Georgian windows in different designs and colours these days. For instance, you can get Georgian windows in oak or dark wood. These can be used for modern and traditional homes with a beautiful look.

They allow you to choose colours for your doors or other house items to bring a matching colour.

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Are Georgian-Style Windows More Expensive?

Yes, these windows are costly, which one of their disadvantages is.

However, their prices vary from one style to another. Wooden box sash windows are the more expensive type in this category. But if you want a cheaper option, uPVC and aluminium Georgian styles are great choices.

Even though Georgian windows are expensive, they give your home a unique look distinguishing it from the rest of the homes. You can’t compare these with normal casement and other counterfeit windows.

The good thing about these windows is that they are cheap in the long run and good for long-term investment. You will therefore have value for your money; hence it’s worth an investment.

Georgian Windows Lifespan

If you decide to invest in these windows, you must wonder how long they will serve you. As long as you choose good quality timber and maintain it well, it will give you a 60-year service. Which means it can serve you for the rest of your life.

For timber Georgian-style, you must often restain, paint, or finish the timber to increase its lifespan. You should also look out for rotten or damaged frames to eliminate them.

Due to the complexity of sash windows, you have to maintain the opening and frame. But the good thing is that you can replace several parts of sash windows.

Are Georgian-Style Windows Worth It?

The windows give any period home a beautiful look. They help you make your house look original while retaining its value. If this is your goal, the windows are worth every cent.

They are also very useful in modern homes. They add beauty to your home, which is a good way to achieve aesthetics while performing other duties.

The choice of windows relies on the window’s purpose, which is why you need to know why you are buying them before buying. You can get windows that will fit your traditional or modern homes, so choose wisely.

Buying Georgian windows depends on several factors, and you need to consider all the factors to make the right choice. No one wants to go to the market or search mode for Windows now and then, and that is why it’s essential to buy long-lasting Windows. Even though some windows are expensive, they are worth every cent since they serve a very long time, unlike the cheap ones.

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