20 Modern Interior Window Trim Ideas & Styles

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Natural Wood and Marble Harmony

For quite some time, painted trim has been a popular choice, but now, there’s a resurgence of natural wood, especially when combined with white walls or countertops. In this contemporary kitchen, honey-coloured wood is elegantly matched with white marble tiles, creating a cosy variation of the traditional black-and-white marble aesthetic. The slender trim boasts a petite shelf, ideal for displaying houseplants and decorative items.

Sleek White Window Trim Interior

Contemporary design embraces sleek lines and minimalist elements, and this flat trim perfectly embodies these characteristics.

In this bathroom, the shiny blue tiles evoke a serene, coastal ambience, reminiscent of a beach retreat – just add a sailboat painting and a bowl of seashells for the complete look. The subtle contrast of the white trim against the vibrant blue is truly striking. Nevertheless, this concept for interior window trim would complement almost any bathroom colour scheme.

Bold Black Interior Window Trim Concept

Combining black and white hues creates a sharp, striking effect in any space, offering a polished and high-contrast atmosphere. Black is becoming increasingly popular in contemporary, minimalist residences.

While black paint is widely used for walls, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, and hardware, committing to a dark wall colour can be daunting and time-consuming to cover up. Using black for trim is a simple and effective way to experiment with this bold shade.

In this living room, white walls and curtains serve as a backdrop, allowing the black interior window trim to stand out. The rest of the room’s decor adopts soft and neutral tones, ensuring the black trim captures attention without appearing overly cold or harsh.

Elegant Gray Interior Window Trim

For quite some time, white interior window trim has been the go-to choice, while black might feel intimidating, especially for homeowners seeking a new design perspective. To strike a balance between the two and achieve a unique, modern appearance, consider opting for grey window trim.

In this living room, the timeless fireplace and trim maintain their classic style but receive a refreshing update with a coat of grey paint. Paired with contemporary ceramics and seating, the revamped trim seamlessly bridges the gap between the traditional and the modern. It goes to show that sometimes, all it takes is a simple layer of paint to transform a space.

Charming Rustic Window Trim Design

The enduring charm of rustic aesthetics continues to captivate. In this compact area, the influence of antique steamer trunk-inspired drawers, coffee tables crafted from tree slices, and window trim made from reclaimed barn wood infuses a rustic essence without overwhelming the space. The seamless integration of contemporary seating, muted tones, and an abundance of indoor greenery maintains a modern allure. Plus, if the room’s decor ever transforms, this flat trim offers the flexibility to be easily repainted to harmonize with the updated style.

Decorative Fluted Window Trim

Presenting a stunning interior window trim concept inspired by mid-century aesthetics. The fluted trim, focusing on texture rather than colour, enhances visual appeal.

In this space, a contemporary ambience is maintained through a cosy neutral palette, combined with various mid-century design elements. The furniture, characterized by its sleek lines, adds a touch of elegance without overwhelming the room. With slender sofa arms and table legs, the design maximizes open visual space. Intriguing details such as slatted doors, tufted upholstery, and, notably, the textured fluted trim, contribute to the overall captivating atmosphere.

Coordinate Window Trim with Wainscotting

Explore a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Cape Cod style with this interior window trim concept. Pairing white trim with white wainscoting, the design incorporates high wainscoting to visually elevate the room. The upper portion of the wall is adorned in a deep navy hue, creating a luxurious contrast. The combination of blue and white produces a sophisticated, enduring, and spacious ambience, evoking a timeless elegance.

Harmonize Window Trim with Pictures and Chair Rails

Consider this interior window trim concept that integrates various moulding styles. The upper and lower sections of the window trim align harmoniously with a picture rail and chair rail. These sharp horizontal lines elegantly offset the stylish teal wall paint. Embracing a limited colour palette, the room successfully embraces the bold hue without appearing excessive or overwhelming.

Windows Without Wood Trim

A contemporary window design trend involves eliminating traditional trim. Joe Cruz, an editor at Family Handyman, employed a technique called drywall return to create a sleek, trim-free window appearance at The Getaway, producing impressive results.

Opting out of using wood trim not only enhances aesthetics but also proves cost-effective. If you already have trim in other parts of your home, you can harmonize the overall look by matching the windowsill with the existing trim.

Embrace Soft and Gentle Touches

This space, adorned with delicate lavender accents and captivating wallpaper, serves as undeniable evidence that elegant purples, even in pastel shades, can exude a sophisticated vibe within the appropriate design context.

Incorporate Timeless Elegance

In this beachfront home on Sea Island, the use of stained wood for the interior window trim adds a touch of classic and enduring style, balancing the overall airy ambience of the space.

Integrate with Wallpaper Patterns

Given the striking presence of Scion Shibori wallpaper in Lagoon adorning the walls, it’s fitting to enhance the aesthetic impact by incorporating window trim in a corresponding shade.

Bringing Nature Indoors

In the 2020 Idea House, a natural green colour used for the interior window trim establishes a visual link between the indoor space and the lush greenery outside the windows.

Let Vibrant Cabinets Inspire Your Design

Embrace the idea that sometimes, embracing abundance can be visually appealing. Follow the cabinets’ example and pair vibrant, intricate wallpaper with a playful yet consistent colour for a lively contrast.

Challenge the Norm

Having a colourful room with white trim is perfectly fine, but how about flipping the concept? In this design by Whitney McGregor, vibrant teal trim introduces a playful contrast against the backdrop of pristine white walls.

Embrace Greige Tones

Achieving a perfect balance of understated elegance, this neutral space embodies the essence of greige with its subtle and subdued colour palette.

Remember, Sometimes One Color Works Best

Learn a valuable lesson from this impressive laundry room and experiment with a daring shade, such as Benjamin Moore’s Slate Teal (2058-20), covering everything from the floor to the ceiling, including the window trim on the inside.

Illuminate with White Elements

The application of a warm, earthy green paint on the walls imparts a natural, woodland atmosphere to this lake house. At the same time, the white trim adds brightness and light, enhancing the overall ambience.

Introduce Architectural Salvage

In this family farmhouse located in Georgia, the homeowner infused a touch of novelty into the interior windows by incorporating a beautifully hand-carved antique privacy screen sourced from India.

Dream Serenely with Soft Blue Shades

The serene bedroom retreat seamlessly incorporates Sherwin-Williams Silver Lake on the trim, creating a harmonious and calming ambience.

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