A Guide to Wood Door Cleaning

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Wooden doors contribute significantly to the visual appeal of a home while serving as a vital element for security and privacy. Their elegance requires special care to ensure they remain an impressive part of your home for years. Follow these five easy steps for effective wood door cleaning.

Initial Cleaning Steps

Commence the cleaning process by eliminating dust or dirt using a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a gentle brush attachment. Prepare a mixture of warm water and dish soap, dampen the cloth, and wipe the door in circular motions. Rinse with a wet cloth to remove soap suds and dry the door thoroughly with a towel.

5 Simple Steps for Wood Door Maintenance

To preserve the beauty of wooden doors, adopt these five steps for regular cleaning without causing damage:

Regular Dusting

  • Employ a soft cloth or feather duster for dust removal.
  • Pay attention to crevices and carvings.
  • Wipe down with a damp cloth to eliminate residue.

Mild Wash

  • Mix one part vinegar with four parts water for a gentle scrub.
  • Rinse with clean water to remove vinegar residue.
  • For stubborn stains, consider a solution of one part bleach to four parts water or a paste of baking soda and water.

Mineral Spirits for Tough Stains

  • Apply a small amount of mineral spirits on a dry cloth.
  • Rub in a circular motion until the entire door is cleaned.

Door Handle Care

  • Remove dirt with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Apply an all-purpose cleaner, rinse, and dry for door handle cleanliness.
  • Periodically disinfect with a solution of 1 part water and 1 part vinegar.

Wood Polish Application

  • Apply a small amount of polish to a clean cloth.
  • Rub in a circular motion, then buff with a dry cloth for a polished finish.

Stain Removal Techniques

For stained wood doors, adopt these strategies:

Remove Old Paints or Varnishes

  • Identify the type of paint or varnish and use an appropriate method.
  • Apply paint stripper for oil-based finishes or sandpaper for water-based finishes.

Liquid Furniture Polish

  • Ensure the door is clean and dry.
  • Apply a thin layer of polish and buff until the door shines.

Steam Cleaning

  • Use a steam cleaner for a gentle yet effective stain-removal process.

Preventing Wooden Door Damage

To safeguard your wooden doors, take preventive measures:

Thoroughly Dry the Wood

  • Wipe up spills promptly and avoid placing wet items on wooden surfaces.

Periodic Re-Staining

  • Re-stain every two or three years using high-quality exterior-grade stain.

Sanitize Door Fixtures

  • Wipe down handles, knobs, and hinges with a mild soap or disinfectant solution.

Essential Equipment for Wood Door Cleaning

Ensure you have the following equipment for effective wood door cleaning:

  • Soft cloth/sponge
  • Mild detergent
  • Warm water
  • Dry towel
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Vinegar/baking soda

Wooden doors enhance the beauty of a home but demand regular maintenance. Follow these guidelines at least twice a year to ensure your door remains pristine.


Can I use white vinegar to clean wooden doors?

Yes, mix equal parts white vinegar and water for an effective cleaning solution.

How do you clean unsealed wood doors?

Dust with a soft cloth or brush, use a mild soap-and-water solution, rinse, and dry.

How to clean fingerprints off wood doors?

Wipe with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water.

How do I make my front door shiny?

Add lemon juice to a solution of white vinegar and water, wash, and buff for a lasting shine.

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My technician Andrew replaced all my sash windows that had rotten sills. Accessing the rotten sills was not an easy task. He explained to me what needed to be done in order to fix the problem. He is a great person and I’m happy that he was the one who did the job. He is reliable, tidy, friendly and very professional. I highly recommend him.



I hired Andrew and Alex a while back to repair my damaged sash windows. They were was very considerate and very patient as he did his job. A few days ago, I had another problem with one of my sash lock keys and I called him again to come and fix the problem. I’m very impressed that Liam responded quickly and he not only fixed the problem but he also gave me a spare key. What a great after sales service!

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Andrew just recently replaced three sash windows in my Edwardian house. He also repaired and replaced some sills and draught proofed three windows. In addition to that, he also did some carpentry work. What I like the most about Liam is that he did a clean job. He is very professional and always updated me about the timescales and costs. He also did his job with minimal disruptions. I highly recommend him.

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