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Most individuals prefer designing or creating windows that bespoke their projects. Besides looking for bespoke windows for specific projects, standard window sizes are gaining popularity in most project work.

Why are these windows gaining popularity? These windows are becoming popular as you can personalize them to suit your project at hand. In addition, installers can opt for these options if you don’t need to have windows of a certain size.

Choosing a standard window size makes it easy for installers to decide the specific window to use. Thus, they streamline the installation and designing process.

Understanding Standard UK Window Sizes

The article covers the main window sizes for the most popular material. While the windows are the same, there can be a difference in the window styles. For instance, sash windows would have smaller dimensions than bay windows.

Why Is It Important To Consider Window Sizes?

Most homeowners find it challenging to understand the benefits of window sizes. Windows comes in different and standard sizes. While these windows come in different sizes, it’s usually challenging to choose the right one.

Understanding the size of your specific window sizes is important when looking for replacement windows. It helps simplify the whole process of designing and installation.

While you may have seen or been familiar with the different window sizes, you’re project measurements may be unusual or you may require different window sizes.

The whole process of choosing the right window size may seem quite confusing and daunting. However, the understanding and experience of your installers should be vital throughout the whole process.

Survey shows that standard window sizes are usually less expensive. Nevertheless, purchasing the bespoken ones may come at a slightly premium amount.

What Is The Right Size Of uPVC Window Sizes?

uPVC has developed into a popular window due to its high thermal efficiency, low price, and low maintenance.

When choosing windows, most homeowners consider uPVC. It’s a great option due to numerous performance benefits and they provide great value for money.

These windows also come with a good level of customization and design flexibility. In addition, the various colour choices make it easy for homeowners to get their preferred choice suiting their style and property design.

uPVC windows styles are common in most properties or projects. Despite being common, these windows still come in different styles and with varying specifications. Installers reveal that bay windows are usually large than standard casement windows.

Their unique design makes them appear large than the standard ones. You can still find uPVC with low or average measurements for your personalized needs.

Standard uPVC Window Widths

These windows come in a wide range of sizes, from 488mm to 1770mm. Experts reveal that these sizes are more popular and you can easily find them from different installation providers. Here are the popular sizes:

  • 488 mm or 19 inches
  • 630 mm or 25 inches
  • 915 mm or 36 inches
  • 1200 mm or 48 inches
  • 1770 mm or 70 inches

Standard uPVC Heights

The average range of uPVC window heights is 450mm to 1500mm. These heights range from:

  • 1500 mm or 60 inches
  • 1350 mm or 54 inches
  • 1200 mm or 48 inches
  • 1050 mm or 42 inches
  • 600 mm or 24 inches
  • 450 mm or 18 inches

What Is The Standard For Aluminium Window Sizes?

Aluminium windows have developed to be the least popular window type. Why are these windows the least popular? These windows are less popular due to their high lead times and high prices. However, technological advances mean that the demand for this type of window has increased.

Thus, installers can now get these windows at a cheaper price. In addition, the reduction of fewer times has made the product more accessible.

Aluminium frames have numerous benefits. These frames have profiles with high chances of thermal breakages and the aluminium offers an incredible thermal efficiency.

With the aluminium style perfectly suiting modern property styles, these windows have grown in popularity.

What is the major selling point of aluminium? The more glass and less frame is the main selling point. With these properties, the glass develops a strong profile. This strong profile enhances views and in a more light truly transforms living spaces.

It means that the average aluminium window size will be larger than the other sizes. Nevertheless, you can get various styles of aluminium windows coming in different window measurements. For instance, turn & tilt windows usually come in a larger size than the average casement window sizes.

Here are the popular maximum and minimum window measurements;

  • Maximum height – 60 inches or 1500mm
  • Minimum height – 12 inches or 300mm
  • Maximum width – 55 inches or 1400mm
  • Minimum width – 14 inches or 350mm

What Are The Average Window Sizes For Timber?

Survey shows that timber windows are a more traditional choice. These windows add very classic character and aesthetics to homes. Remember, you can often find them in period properties.

Timber windows, especially those on listed buildings often come in un-standard. Before the mass production of windows, manufacturers created these in bespoke to suit each project.

Timber windows are increasingly becoming popular for homeowners seeking to enhance the character of their projects. With a better understanding of these suitable materials, you can use them to maintain high-performance benefits.

With this option filling similar space, you can get timber windows in the same sizes and properties as uPVC. Below are some of the common sizes;

Timber width ranges from 488mm – 1770mm

  • 19 inches or 488mm
  • 25 inches or 680mm
  • 36 inches or 915mm
  • 48 inches or 1200mm
  • 70 inches or 1770mm

The average window height of timber runs from 450mm – 1500mm

  • 18 inches or 450mm
  • 24 inches or 600mm
  • 42 inches or 1050mm
  • 48 inches or 1200mm
  • 54 inches or 1350mm
  • 60 inches or 1500mm

Is It Important To Replace Timber Windows?

Most homeowners with timber windows may not want to repair or replace them, as it could destroy the building’s heritage and character. Replacing timber windows on a listed building may also result in building regulation complications.

With these issues, you may want to restore or replace these windows with the original ones. Most timber windows often degrade into a bad state over time. Thus, repairing or restoring them can make them look brand new without breaking the bank.

Sash Window Refurbish has experienced and knowledgeable experts in window renovation. Our experts can help transform various properties by making your windows look brandy and new.

In addition, our experts can help improve your Sash window’s efficiency through double-glazing installation and draft-proofing services, call us at 07565028004.

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Andrew just recently replaced three sash windows in my Edwardian house. He also repaired and replaced some sills and draught proofed three windows. In addition to that, he also did some carpentry work. What I like the most about Liam is that he did a clean job. He is very professional and always updated me about the timescales and costs. He also did his job with minimal disruptions. I highly recommend him.

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